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India Travel from USA

Travel to India is a dream trip for thousands of travelers from United States every year but due to so much doubts, myths & confusion in their mind and lack of complete information & clarity they replace this beautiful destination or postpone their travel plans for coming years. But today we are going to clear your each and every doubt regarding India travel from USA and by providing you the complete guide to answers of your all the questions and we are sure that this will clear your all the doubts if you are planning your India travel from USA.

Do USA Citizens Required Visa for India Travel?
Yes, all the foreign national including USA nationals required a valid tourist visa to enter India except the Nepal, Bhutan & Maldives.

How can we apply Indian Visa from USA ? Is India tourist visa available online also ?
Tourist visa of India is available online as well as offline. For offline you can contact the Indian Embassy / Consulate in your country but for offline visa we recommend you to apply well in advance because Indian Embassy takes some time to provide the visa. We advise you to apply at-least three months in advance before your travel to India from USA but good thing is that you can apply for long term visa of 5 to 10 year multiple entry through offline mode.

But if you are a short term travelers or need instant visa of India then online mode is the best way to apply your Indian visa. You can apply for the online india tourist visa maximum 3 months in advance and minimum 3 days before your arrival in India. Online Indian tourist visa takes 24-48 hours to get but for the safer side you should apply at-least 10-15 days in advance before your arrival. Here in online visa mode you can apply for short term visas of India of 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 2 year visas. It is a simple process just visit the official Indian government website for visa application, upload your photo, passport details, travel history and make online payment through your debit / credit card and it's done. After successful payment you will received a confirmation email and within next 24-48 hours you will get your online Indian visa by email and you need to carry the hard copy of this visa during India Travel. And if you want our help for applying online Indian visa then you can write us also.

What Documents I required for India Travel from USA ?
If you are travelling to India from USA you don't need any huge number of documents, instead you just need some simple & basic documents. You must need a valid passport which must have 6 month validity from the date of entry in India. Your passport must have the minimum 2 blank pages left for the Indian immigration department which they required to put their entry / exit stamp. Of course you must have a valid Indian visa also to enter India. Apart from this you need some basic vaccinations, and also a comprehensive travel insurance which also covering the covid 19 in case of any emergency. You are also advised to carry your complete vaccination certificate (must have minimum of 2 doses of WHO certified vaccine) and if you are non vaccinated then must have to gone through RTPCR test 72 hours before your arrival in India We advise you to carry soft copy as well as hard copy of all these above mentioned documents.

Which Vaccines Required for India Travel from USA ?
Although It's not mandatory of take various vaccines for India travel from USA but it's always advisable to have some precautionary vaccines like Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Typhoid & Covid 19. Other vaccines you can consider is Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese Fever and Cholera. Apart from these above vaccines one vaccine which is mandatory to enter India is the yellow fever vaccine. If you are living in or citizen of yellow fever affected countries like in Africa & Latin America or you are flying to India with transit in these countries or if you have a history of travelling in these countries in the past one year then you must take yellow fever shot and product yellow fewer vaccine certificate at the port of entry in India and without that Indian immigration officers won't allow you to enter India.

Is India safe country to travel for USA citizens ?
Of course India is very much safe country to travel for the US citizens or any other country citizens. India is a cultural & religious country and people are very friendly and hospitable but still like any other country have some precautions like try to avoid late night solo walks through lonely or remote areas, always try to travel from one place to another in a day time, always try to have some travel partner or if you are solo female traveler then always use any reliable travel company for such service, always use company car and tour guide for visits, always eat at good hygienic places, drink only bottled water and these are the basic precautions which you need to take care while travelling in India.

Is India travel for USA citizens safe for Solo Girls or with the family ?
As mentioned above that India is overall a safe country to travel for solo girls and with family also but you need to take some precautions like you have to take anywhere in the world. Don't travel in the nighttime by road, Don't walk alone in the night in the remove and lonely areas, Always use certified travel company if you are a solo female travelers or travelling with family, use travel company which is certified by ministry of tourism, government of India which is also advised by Indian government, avoid any kind of road side camping or jungle camping, always stay in good hotels and hostels, always avoid any free accommodation offers.

What is the best time for India Travel from USA?
Area wise India is a huge country and also blessed with different colours of mother nature in the form of forests, desserts, beaches, Himalayas, rivers, wildlife, culture & hospitality. So during a particular time if you find hot weather at one place but you can find the rain at another place and cold weather at another place so overall India is a mixture of weather depending from one place to another place. But if you ask us what is the best time for India travel from USA then we definitely suggest you the winter season of India which is usually from October to March and you find the normal or pleasant weather during period of time but if you want to avoid the heat completely then you can visit India between November till February to enjoy the cold weather.

India Travel Advisory for the US Citizens ?
India is a very safe country to travel but still to avoid any inconvenience it is advisable to avoid the upper part of Kashmir and border area of Indo-china. Rest you can travel anywhere in India without any single thought. And you must follow the Travel Advisory issued by USA Government time to time.

Food Advisory in India for USA Citizens ?
Being a large India not only enjoy diversity in its culture, languages, dressing, hospitality but in its food also. But one thing commonly connects the diversity of India cuisines are its taste. Either you try North India food or South India food all is extremely tasty. But still you need to take some precautions also while travelling in India from USA which are always avoid drinking the tab water in India. You see every Indian drinking it but they are used to of this and for you it's not advisable at all. Second tip is always try to avoid the open street food in India which is not advisable to any foreign travelers because this is totally unhygienic and you could face food poisoning and spoil your journey. Instead always eat at the good & hygienic restaurant and hotels and especially at places where you see lots of western people eating because these places maintain very high hygiene standards.

Does India still has any covid 19 travel restrictions for USA Citizens ?
No, India is completely open for the travelers now and don't have any kind of Covid 19 travel restrictions for the US travelers. But it is advisable to travel India from USA with full covid vaccination (two doses) along with a comprehensive travel insurance covering covid also in case of any emergency.

Does USA Citizens requires any mandatory RTPCR Test Report to enter India ?
The answer is no. If you are fully vaccinated with minimum two doses of WHO approved vaccines then you don't need any RTPCR test. But if you not vaccinated or partially vaccinated then you have to gone through this RTPCR test 72 hours before your arrival in India and upload the report of that RTPCR test to the Air Suvidha Portal before flying to India.

Is it mandatory to carry covid vaccination certificate for India travel from USA ?
Yes, it is advisable to carry both soft copy and hard copies of your vaccination certificates while travelling to India. Please have multiple copies because you may need to show and submit those copies at airport, various hotels you are staying.

What are the requirements for India Travel for USA Citizens ?
There are only basic requirements which you need to follow to travel are: Your passport must have 6 months validity from the date of arrival in India along with the two blank pages for the Indian immigration department for stamping purpose. You must also have a valid Indian visa, covid vaccination certificate / RTPCR test report, travel insurance, other suggested vaccines according to your country. This is all and you are ready to go to India.

Best India Travel Packages from USA
India has variety of packages to offer in the different parts of India but few of the packages has gained tremendous popularity especially among the international tourists visiting India from USA, UK, Europe & Other western countries. Namely Golden Triangle Tour which consist of three important cities of North India like Delhi, Agra & Jaipur and this golden triangle tour can be combined with extensions like Varanasi, Ranthambore, Goa, Amritsar, Kathmir and Kerala. The next important tour is Cultural Rajasthan tour in which we takes you to the famous historical state of Rajasthan to enjoy the real forts & palaces and is most famous trip among the western word tourists. In the central India you can enjoy the wildlife tours to few of important national parks like Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench national parks with are famous for their tiger sightings. If you talk about South India then the first tour and place comes in our mind if God's Own Country - Kerala. So Kerala is the most important and naturally blessed state of India which showcase you the different themes like hills, beaches, wildlife, bird watching, ayurveda all in a short span of time. Apart from that you can also visit the important states of Tamilnadu famous for historical temple tour and Karnataka the combination of history and nature. And lastly you can end up your trip to India on the longest coastline of India - Goa to enjoy its panoramic beaches to finish your trip relaxing on the beach. This is not all actually because India is a huge country and lot more to offer but we have mentioned only few just to give you an introduction of popular tours of India. And this will definitely help you to plan your next India travel from USA with the help of these important tours.

Best Places to visit in India from USA
India is the seventh largest country in the world with the total area of approx 32,87,590 kilometer square which is almost 2% of the total land of the world. Apart from that India has 28 different states with different capitals, languages, food, culture and this brief introduction is enough to understand that India must have few of world's best places to offer for its visitors. So If you are planning your next holiday to India then here are some of the most important places you must consider which are: Golden Triangle Tour India - Best Tour of India, Rajasthan - The Land of Maharajas, Kerala - Gods Own Country, Goa - Beach City of India, Mumbai - the Bollywood City of India, Kashmir - Paradise on the Earth, Khajuraho - City of Kamasutra Temples, Varanasi - City of Lights, Tamilnadu - The Temple State of India and so on. These are some of the best places to visit in India if you are travelling from USA and for sure they won't let you down.

Are Indian Trains good to travel for US National ?
Indian Railway is one the largest railway network in the world and here we do have from most basic to most luxurious trains available to travel. If you are a tourist and want to enjoy the luxury of India through its luxury trains then few of the trains you must try like Palace of Wheels, Maharaja Express Train, Heritage on wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Orient, Fairy Queen are few of them.

Now let's discuss about the regular trains which a person using in daily life. So the best trains which is recommended to use are Rajdhani Express, Shatabadi Express, Vande Bharat, Duranto Express, Jan Shatabadi. Apart from that we do have many other trains also but we recommend you to try to avoid them for the overnight journey because now a days so many low cost airlines available in India which saves your time and money and in case you have to travel in train then book only 2nd Class or 1st Class because third class coaches are too crowded and below standards for USA citizens. One more thing Indian trains booking opens three months before departure date and for foreigners they also offer foreign tourist quota service which you can avail to get seat in the Indian trains.

Which are the best Domestic Airline in India for the US Citizens ?
In India we do have multiple low cost airlines available which are serving various sectors. But if talk about the largest domestic airline in India then Indigo Airlines is the largest and most reliable airline in India which covers maximum tourist and business sectors. Indigo Airlines has the largest fleet of aircrafts and their cabin staff is also well groomed and trained. Most important thing of Indigo Airline is that they are accurate, punctual and affordable. Apart from Indigo Airlines there are many other multiple domestic airlines available in India which also you can use like Air India, Vistara Airlines, Spicejet Airline, Vistara Airlines, Air Asia & Go First Airlines. But the good thing is all these airlines are low cost airlines and due to high completion they offer very attractive airfares for the travelers.

Best International Airline from USA to India ?
There are multiple international flights operates everyday between the USA and India but if you are looking for the best option then you can go for American Airlines, United Airlines and Air India which offer the direct nonstop service between multiple cities of USA and India. But because these flights are direct so they are little expensive also, so it is important to book these flight well in advance like three to six months advance to get the better deal. Apart from these direct flights there are other international airlines also available which offers good connection between two countries which are Lufthansa Airlines, Air-France, Swiss Air, Emirates, Qatar Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Singapore Airlines. But these flights takes a stopover before coming to India means you have to change a flight. But overall all the above airlines are the suggested and recommended to travel from USA to India with a comfort.

Is India Travel from USA is affordable ? How must it cost to travel from USA to India ?
India travel from USA is not an expensive deal if you book your international flights and tour package timely. Because as you know that airlines fares are dynamic and keep increasing day by day. More advance you purchase more better deal you get and if you book the same flight at last moment then you may have to pay twice or even more for the same flight. Package rates in India are almost similar. In India we do have only two types of packages, high season package which applicable from October till March and low season package which applies between April till September. High season is the best time to visit India from USA because during that time weather is pleasant but during low season time you get the threw away deals because of low volume of business. But the most expensive period to travel to India is from 20th December till 10th January which is also called the Festive Period due to Christmas & New Year holidays. So now you have all the information that more timely you book the best chances of getting affordable prices of India travel from USA. And as far as the prices are concerned it depends on the various factors like how many days you have for the trip, which category of hotels you want, what type of transport you want, you want tour with guide or without guide etc. But one thing is sure that we can provide you the best price for India travel packages and for that just let us know your requirement.

We hope you find the above information detailed and helpful to plan your India travel from USA and if you are geared up with your India travel plan then please click on our contact us section and write us your detailed requirement so that we can make a customized proposal for you according to your requirement. And we will be happy to arrange your India travel from USA with the help of our team of destination experts.